9 Responses to “2011 Brazil Carnival “Costume Police Woman” & Rising Star Andreia Fonseca Samba”

  1. rockbottom9252

    @AntaresInScorpius your gay you like if a man cuffs you. hater

  2. BrazilCarnivalCOMBR

    @AntaresInScorpius I am with you. Here everyone wanted a beauty like that to arrest us!

  3. BrazilCarnivalCOMBR

    @alchada Thanks for stopping by. I am posting tomorrow new backstage videos of the Rio 2011 parade!

  4. rockbottom9252

    @AntaresInScorpius you call me fag but you are the hater. Your hate speech is what shows your gay but you wont admit it

  5. rockbottom9252

    @AntaresInScorpius This isnt over you hater gay basher

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