2011 Brazil Carnival “Costume Police Woman” & Rising Star Andreia Fonseca Samba

www.brazilcarnival.com.br Each Rio Carnival we see new rising star like this beautiful samba dancer, Andreia Fonseca from Sao Clemente Samba School. Her exuberant carnival costume represents the new Rio de Janeiro Police, as you can see by her cap. Andreia is a great promise and samba…

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    1. that is one cop i want to arrest me.

      Post by AntaresInScorpius March 8, 2011
    2. wonderful pics ……

      Post by alchada March 8, 2011
    3. @AntaresInScorpius your gay you like if a man cuffs you. hater

      Post by rockbottom9252 March 8, 2011
    4. @AntaresInScorpius I am with you. Here everyone wanted a beauty like that to arrest us!

      Post by BrazilCarnivalCOMBR March 9, 2011
    5. @alchada Thanks for stopping by. I am posting tomorrow new backstage videos of the Rio 2011 parade!

      Post by BrazilCarnivalCOMBR March 9, 2011
    6. @AntaresInScorpius Dont talk my friends like that

      Post by nejshania1 March 10, 2011
    7. @AntaresInScorpius you call me fag but you are the hater. Your hate speech is what shows your gay but you wont admit it

      Post by rockbottom9252 March 10, 2011
    8. @rockbottom9252 whatever, loser.

      Post by AntaresInScorpius March 10, 2011
    9. @AntaresInScorpius This isnt over you hater gay basher

      Post by rockbottom9252 March 10, 2011

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