25 Responses to “A Christmas Story: The Pink Bunny Costume”

  1. robertrodriguezfan

    If I was ralphie, I wouldve burned that ridiculous, humiliating bunny suit cuz i’d never be caught dead wearing that

  2. MrCopperhead1861

    Oh isn’t that sweeet?” :) Love this movie
    Incase anyone is wondering
    21 Days
    11 Hours
    42 Minutes
    Until Xmas Day (as of Dec 3d 2009) :)
    Sorry had to

  3. LivingCrusader

    Poor Ralph! His Dad was so right, he looks like a pink nightmare. I wouldn’t wear that thing if my life depended on it. God forbid.

  4. sockpuppie

    I want one of them, so I can wear it for late nights at the library!

  5. shortnsmat19

    poor kid I would’ve ‘accidently’ split something on it-if i was in fact a boy-I am a girl and would absolutlu=y love it! <3 But since hes a boy i feel sorry for him…

  6. CreamandPoppufan166

    I saw a ornament of Ralphie in the bunny outfit XD I also saw the leg lamp ornament.

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