Alice in Wonderland White Queen Halloween Make-up Tutorial

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I want to do a series of Alice in Wonderland make-up tutorials…I thought I would start with a simple one which is the White Queen. It didn’t require TOO much make-up and if you have blonde hair you can almost pull it off without buying a wig! Halloween on a budget! Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to follow me on: BLOG: Facebook: Website: Thanks for watching! Ashley Kay

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    1. i like your version the best:)

      Post by loveismadebyGod October 13, 2010
    2. happy birthday! this look is wonderful – – primarily because it reminds me of the mid 90s (in a good way! :-) tell me about your nail color, I love it!

      Post by BerlinHairBaby October 13, 2010
    3. @loveismadebyGod Aww thank you hon!

      Post by PrimpPowderPout October 15, 2010
    4. @BerlinHairBaby Thanks BHB! It is very 90’s-esque! I didn’t really think about it until it was done! Gotta love it :)
      The nail colour is actually one of my cheap ones from Barry M. It’s in my studio at the moment so I don’t have it on hand, but it’s just one of the pinky/red colours. They actually stay on for a good five days with a clear base and top coat.

      Hope you are well!

      Post by PrimpPowderPout October 15, 2010
    5. ^_^

      Post by Ruisim81 October 27, 2010

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