Baby and kids bunny costumes

Are you scared? Well maybe you should be. When it’s late at night, and full moon is high, there won’t be a human in sight; only goblins, ghouls, demons, and monsters. How will you find your way back home? The dark streets aren’t what they used to be. You never now what’s lurking behind a nearby bush or pacing softly two steps behind you. Are you scared yet? Oh, that’s not good. Don’t be frightened! That’s exactly what he wants. It’s what they want. The ones who come for you on Halloween night. BOO! Ah, just kidding. We all know that Halloween isn’t so spooky. The irony is that some folks believe it’s when true evil is not aloud to come out. It’s that single night out of the year when monsters and ghosts have to take the evening off. But, certainly don’t let that discourage you from dressing up like one and acquiring truck loads of candy. Hey, it’s either a terrifying demonic get-up or that bunny costume your mother picked out. What’s it going to be this year? Recommend: Baby and kids bunny costumes.

Remember that episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” that took place on Halloween? No, not the one where they became the costumes they were wearing, but the one where they get locked in the evil frat house. The house comes alive and makes them see their greatest fears. Yeah, that was a good one. I especially recall that Anya wore a bunny costume. That was hysterical. This is what she considers terrifying. Pretty bizarre, huh? Not exactly Leather Face or Jason, that’s for sure. Regardless, the bunny costume turned out to be pretty cute. Even though she thought she looked horrifying, no one else did. Have you ever felt this way? I recall one supposedly scary costume my buddy wore in middle school. It really wasn’t scary at all. However, he thought it was the best. Who was I to ruin his Halloween fun? He basically looked like he had been hit by a car or beaten by a gang. That’s not so scary. It stirs sympathy more than it does horror. He’d have been better off wearing a bunny costume with bloody fangs.

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So I was in Halloween Express the other day, and I realized something. They really do have a lot to choose from. I thing I even spotted a bunny costume in there. However, the ones that really caught my eye were the adult fairy tale costumes. Now those are cool.