barbie swan lake

My daughter ballet dancing to the barbie Swan Lake movie with a personal appearance by her cute brother.

Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. These kids are so darn cute! I just love it! Missy C.

      Post by msbucks2004 February 11, 2008
    2. Hey you should see my cousin shes 6 more videos up check it out.

      Post by cozycoop May 11, 2008
    3. uuui soooo sweeet (:

      Post by SuryeytoYasmin September 13, 2008
    4. Talent!

      Post by imaginaryboy238 December 10, 2008
    5. Oooooooo shes sooo cute
      and this is cute too

      Post by Snowpum18 May 2, 2009

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