Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. The design of the dresses looks like sahar okashas designs.

      Post by dadiasmin December 10, 2006
    2. I wondered who Orit got her costumes from. Brilliant.

      Post by shimmygirl75 January 30, 2007
    3. great work Asi

      Post by shaymis February 14, 2007
    4. i want his dresses tooo!! wonderful!!

      Post by Takurine February 16, 2007
    5. they are super cute!

      Post by lore133 March 6, 2007
    6. Post by sulemanjan March 21, 2007
    7. yeah, they’d be great for the egyption peices! :D

      Post by AvalonFae March 21, 2007
    8. kostini su super. mozes li mi poslati snitove ?mnogo bih voljela da ih imam

      Post by rpksaws911 August 19, 2007
    9. Absolutely beautiful outfits.

      Post by lurner26 September 1, 2007
    10. does he sell them on a website or you have to order them from him directly

      Post by fieldofroses1 December 6, 2007
    11. enfin quelqu un qui cree quelque chose d original!!!

      Post by aachrys December 9, 2007
    12. This guy impresses me even more. I have seen so many of his bellydance videos and he is a GREAT bellydancer… Bravo Asi. All the best..

      Post by Ritabellydance December 18, 2007
    13. lovely costumes ! how do I order?

      Post by baudica March 22, 2008
    14. wonderful!!!
      you are so criative!!!!

      Post by claucieni May 15, 2008
    15. gd video! my names Elizabeth, kinda feelin bored if any1 wants to join me on cam or wana chat i will be signed on at __ PLAY-CAM…dot…COM __ my user ID there is Elizabeth_nuoysfrf chat soon xx its FR33 to j0in! mwah

      Post by GHCB May 27, 2008
    16. nice costums…nice video and the song it’s so nice…can somebody tell me please how can i find it cause it’s so good for dance…please…

      Post by ruxbelly October 24, 2008
    17. the song at the end is by Lebanese singer ‘Lady Madonna’, title: Wala Ya Sa’idi

      Post by dromycatcher November 27, 2008
    18. watch?v=WIIU5fzXYmA&feature=related
      here you can watch Lady Madonna sing her song Wala Ya Saidi
      Fifu Abdo dances on this song too, click ‘saedi fifi’ to find the video on youtube

      Post by dromycatcher November 27, 2008
    19. Come play dirty with me NOW!!!


      Post by enticingdoll4u70 March 2, 2009
    20. u r such talent, Asi! now i know where Orit got her wonderful dresses

      Post by srkatdance March 6, 2009
    21. Very nice..go ISREAL

      Post by USJew August 7, 2009
    22. Precioso el vestuario y la presentaciĆ³n! 5* Muchas gracias!

      Post by anamasuf February 10, 2010
    23. I would NOT wear some of these costumes on a dare.

      Post by molarmama5 October 19, 2010
    24. absolutely love these!!!

      Post by Queen0piranna November 10, 2010
    25. some of these really caught my eye and are so inspiring and beautiful

      Post by bettewills January 4, 2011

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