Theres a boat load of Halloween Tutorials floatin around on the web… just gotta find em like we did. Heres a few we thought needed to be seen and put to good use. Links in this episode: GiannyL- Cat Woman Costume – trimm3- Scarecrow Mask – Pizzadude-Ninja Costume – gryphern- Dragon Wings – Petrilude- Unzipped Eyes – Expert Village – Howcast – Instructables – eHow – Indy Mogul’s Big Foot Test Film –

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    25 Responses to “Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Youtube!”

    1. andycaine70

      my parents have a DIY costume for me but i am not having it for any more Halloweens period

    2. Alirsonnn

      I did the zipper eye for my costume when I was a guide for a haunted house. It’s cheap and easy and really creepy. I improvised with some leaking blood and it looked amazing.

    3. Marq4270

      i had the zipper eye yesterday on halloween party… everyone loved it :)

    4. Moosixman

      All of those costumes suck, you should of seen the look on some Jewish family’s faces when they saw my Josef Mengele costume. Blood Spattered, huge Swastika on the back and above the ID pocket, and red Swastika armband, and don’t forget the white gloves!

    5. hitchcockwannabe

      awesome video :)

      and rob did you know that your fucking gorgeous like honestly your like the hottest person alive :)

    6. sweetxnightmarexo

      straight jacket is the worst Halloween idea ever… how do you get the booze in?

    7. Ilivinseattle

      Plz read this cuz it actually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1.Put both of ur hands on ur chest
      2.Think of someone that u like……
      3.Tomorrow that person will ask u out or say I love you.
      4.Heres the catch post this to 5 more video

    8. MeetEmma

      I love petriludes zipper eye tut!!! Works great! heheheh :)

    9. VintageCrafter32

      u know u can make those dragon wings for a dog halloween costume useing a coat hangers instead of pvc pipe but following the same steps only they wont bend.

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