25 Responses to “Best Halloween Costume of ALL TIME!”

  1. Speedstacker5

    YOU PAINT OPTIMUS PRIME MASK, and the back wheel is not inside at 0:52, its cool

  2. getitoverwith222

    lol chazzynazzy45 true dat dat cotume is better than d movie!!! lol:)

  3. snotrod7

    ^,000 dallors down the drain lol this woulf be like 200 dallors lol

  4. stanleydmo

    OMFG!!! totaly awesme.. :) great costume.. it really transformed — cool video..

  5. ruaridh94

    that is soooooooooo cool ! i want that costume aswel!
    XD and he can even me a car !

  6. GuitarTKD

    @snotrod7 That’s right! 0 dollars down the drain…this is awesome

  7. AbyssNKaneFan4Lyfe

    omg that guy should totally go to acen this year! That costume is so awesome!

  8. DJXRyde

    All this needs is to have Christopher Walken painting Optimus Prime in the background…and then the world would implode.

  9. henryvrgl

    You’re right…that was the best part. Not only does his costume look great. It’s fully functional as well. Who would have thought he could actually transform? Kudos to this guy!!!!!

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