Change the color of your eyes for Halloween.

Have you ever wished you could change the color of your eyes? Many of us have, from brown to blue or perhaps an exotic green. Even though there is no method to actually permanently change the color of your eyes, with color contact lenses you can switch up your look anytime you want.

Years ago unless you had some vision problems you weren’t a candidate for contacts. In fact many people who wore glasses on a full time basis couldn’t even qualify for contacts because of astigmatism or their need for bifocals. Now everyone, including those who don’t have any vision problems can wear these lenses including the color contact ones.

There are many retailers online who sell these to anyone who pays the fee and supplies their shipping address. You tend to see an increase in the sale of one size fits all color contact lenses around Halloween. People dressing as a witch look for a grossly green pair, while a zombie might opt for a pair that makes their eyes look white. These are generally very inexpensive and being disposable you can throw these color contact lenses out once November 1st rolls around.

Your eyes are very sensitive and as our mothers often told us, we only have one pair. Therefore it’s highly recommended that if you are considering wearing a color contact lens and you don’t have a vision problem that you should still see an eye doctor. The main reason for this is because in order for color contact lenses to be safe the eye needs to breathe.

Everyone’s vision is different as is the shape of their eye. If you are familiar with regular contacts you know that in order to receive them you need to go through a fitting process. During this routine, the optician, ophthalmologist or optometrist measures your eye to determine which lens will fit it best. The one size fits all Halloween color contact lenses may fit one person’s eyes just fine yet cause major problems in another’s.

If you want to experiment with these vision aids you can speak to your eye doctor about how to do that. Generally most will offer you a trial pair of color contact lenses in the hue you want. Then you are permitted to take them home and wear them for a suggested number of hours over the course of a week or two. Once the time has passed you visit the eye doctor again to report how you found the experience. At this time, he or she will also check the condition of your eyes.

A box can be ordered if everything checks out and you’ve enjoyed wearing them. If you already wear contacts, consider wearing the color contact lenses at times and your regular ones as well some days. Experimentation is great as long as you’ve got a professional giving you the green light to go ahead and try it.

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