25 Responses to “Cool Halloween Couples Costume Ideas”

  1. Twinkol08

    when i was 13 i used to mix up my costume such as pirate and a devil angel and a vamp and joker with dark angel lol

  2. xxxcheerbabe4lifexxx

    omg! me and my boyfriend are being a playboy bunny and hefff (:
    yaaay! im excited!

  3. DawGy376

    lmao 2:20 camera man cracks up from what she said “dont take too long getting out of that outfit” rofl :)

  4. ashleymishelle

    OMG! how are you doing it?? i want me and my bf to do that! did you make it or bought it??

  5. SuperJElliott

    I wanted to watch Robert plant! And Hugh Hefner was amazing idea! But where do you get a smoking jacket?

  6. R4wrC4ndyC0rnR4wr1

    I Need Ideas Im 14 Im Making My Own Costume I Want Nothing Too Sexy And Nothing Too Babyish Just Comment On My Channel TY

  7. sqmbaker80

    coool. pretty ..great job ..please see my videos for more couple halloween costume ideas and costume ideas for costume parties out there! enjoy watching!

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