Cool Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

Here’s a clip from the Today Show (10.24.07) where they showed off some cool Halloween couples costumes.

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    1. LOL! Indeed ’tis!

      Post by JoGueva521 May 22, 2009
    2. when i was 13 i used to mix up my costume such as pirate and a devil angel and a vamp and joker with dark angel lol

      Post by Twinkol08 August 16, 2009
    3. lmao at the mickey mouse clubhouse music XD

      Post by linkfanatic13579 September 16, 2009
    4. omg! me and my boyfriend are being a playboy bunny and hefff (:
      yaaay! im excited!

      Post by xxxcheerbabe4lifexxx September 24, 2009
    5. lmao 2:20 camera man cracks up from what she said “dont take too long getting out of that outfit” rofl :)

      Post by DawGy376 September 26, 2009
    6. playboy ftw lol

      Post by HolidayBot October 13, 2009
    7. the first one ez funny yet strange

      Post by monkeez1taboo2italy October 19, 2009
    8. (im a straight gurl) but u z gonna luuk hawt!

      Post by monkeez1taboo2italy October 19, 2009
    9. guud luck playboy bunny

      Post by monkeez1taboo2italy October 19, 2009
    10. huuh?

      Post by xxxcheerbabe4lifexxx October 19, 2009
    11. im sayin that shes gonna look good

      Post by monkeez1taboo2italy October 19, 2009
    12. i luv the one who has the cketchup and the hot-dog

      Post by TechnoVampireScene October 26, 2009
    13. OMG! how are you doing it?? i want me and my bf to do that! did you make it or bought it??

      Post by ashleymishelle October 31, 2009
    14. those hotdog homos suck ass

      Post by plunixx March 29, 2010
    15. I wanted to watch Robert plant! And Hugh Hefner was amazing idea! But where do you get a smoking jacket?

      Post by SuperJElliott August 3, 2010
    16. Playboy lmfao.
      I’d be scared as hell if my mom was as playboy o__O

      Post by lilmissgaga September 19, 2010
    17. Awww! I love the Popeye and Olive one! haha

      Post by sw33taznwife86 October 6, 2010
    18. I like the hotdog song in the background. Hotdog hotdog!

      Post by Kalirus1234567 October 13, 2010
    19. I Need Ideas Im 14 Im Making My Own Costume I Want Nothing Too Sexy And Nothing Too Babyish Just Comment On My Channel TY

      Post by R4wrC4ndyC0rnR4wr1 October 18, 2010
    20. coool. pretty ..great job ..please see my videos for more couple halloween costume ideas and costume ideas for costume parties out there! enjoy watching!

      Post by sqmbaker80 October 27, 2010
    21. 0:14 holy NOSE!!

      Post by giorga2004 October 29, 2010
    22. haha playboy costumes for “an innocent america”

      Post by marissaluvsulots October 31, 2010
    23. Halloween customs suppose to be scary not stupid

      Post by mohabiraq1 November 4, 2010
    24. Try Asian brides in your area

      Post by melanibrox November 17, 2010
    25. “joe dimaggio” looks like joseph gordon-levitt

      Post by 20SpiderPig10 December 6, 2010

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