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What would be the ultimate costume you can imagine for Halloween night? No wait; let me guess; SpongeBob Square pants. Uh, okay maybe not. Think harder! What else is there these days? Heck, there’s pretty much anything you can ponder. Stop! I’ve got it. I know the ultimate costume you can take advantage of this Halloween. Are you ready for this one? A cop costume. No, I didn’t stutter. This is absolutely the greatest idea ever. Imagine all the things you could get away with on Halloween night in your trusty law enforcement uniform. Hey, I’m thinking this power could be addictive. What about you?

I guess you could say I saw a variety of get-ups last Halloween. I was out and about for a few hours. I took my little girl trick-or-treating. We had a blast scoping out all the fun and unique costumes. I think we must have seen about every variation there is. However, I don’t recall seeing a cop costume. Or did I? Maybe the costume was so darn great that I couldn’t even tell if there was a real cop present or not. Maybe the guy/girl even went out and rented a patrol car. Okay, now I’m getting a tad ridiculous. On the other hand, it could happen. Remember the guy in the cop costume on “Hocus Pocus?” He certainly fooled everyone. Come to think of it, that was a very realistic cop costume. At first I even believed the guy was a police officer. Anyway, what fun could you have with a fancy cop costume? I know what I would do. I would approach civilians and give them orders. Of course I would be sure to where a fake name badge. After all, I wouldn’t want this harmless fun to come back and haunt me once Halloween night was over. That would be a bummer. Hey, you know what I didn’t think about? High school kids might egg you if you’re sporting a realistic cop costume. Typically teenagers don’t like cops. Hmm, that’s something to consider as well.

Men's Keystone Cop Costume

Well, regardless of what cool and unique costume you’re busting out for All Hallows Eve, I strongly advise you to surf the costume outlets on line. Talk about variety. But be forewarned, many of these awesome get-ups go for a pretty penny.

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