well come people have asked me about my cosplays and such so this should help all you awesome people at there! oh, and here’s my e-mail if you have any questions: [email protected] like if i didn’t answer something completely, ask. =D hope this helps!!

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15 Responses to “Cosplay Tips (part 1) (Costumes, body, face, wigs, etc.)”

  1. Asuka321

    good advice on the wigs i got a lucy from elfen lied wig cheap and it was crap

  2. bewareofplastic

    halloweens wigs work……. if you add hair like crazy and are constantly fixing it, -_- thank you for not recommending halloween wigs cuz even tho they’re cheap, they are NOT worth it, EVER, i wish someone had told me that when i started cosplaying, i would have been less expensive to buy a nice wig instead of trying to fix a crappy wig

  3. Larxicana

    @bewareofplastic XD god i’ve done that and it SUX

  4. SkyUmbreon

    I got my Joshima Ken cosplay for free apart from £5.00 P+P cos the person who owned it was retiring from cosplay xD

  5. SkyUmbreon

    @Larxicana xD i know :D , anyway brill tutorial/tips thing you covered everything that i know of.

  6. KradsLover

    Actually Zexion does smirk often, not smile, but there is a grin/smirk that he is known for. He is a scheamer, scheamers aren’t dull and boring and ’emo’ as other people say.

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