22 Responses to “Cosplay Tutorial: How to Make the White Rabbit’s Costume”

  1. MyFullmetalValentine

    this is a great tutorial! gave me some great ideas. thanks! ^_^

  2. Vampirelocket

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! but i have a question! what kinda fabric should i get and where could i get it?!

  3. javakat343

    joanns? or any fabric store…even walmart might work…it’s just fake fur…It was cheap cheap fur

  4. MoniCu92

    mmm looks very hard to do ¬¬ but i try it jajaja
    i have a question you wear it to go out?

  5. javakat343

    It’s really not hard to do…I wouldn’t wear them outside too much if you put foam on the bottoms because it gets scratched up quite quickly.

  6. Sillykupo

    oooohhh u cant wear them outside? what a bummer…..but im so glad a creative person like you made this n even put it up here on youtube! thanks a bunch :]

  7. MadameAsuka

    Could you use this to make similar animal feet? Like say a cat??

  8. javakat343

    @MadameAsuka Of course! This tutorial is actually based on a Digi Charat tutorial which is for cat feet. I just did some google searching to see what rabbit feet actually looked like and then started making the feet. You can do the same for cat feet

  9. MadameAsuka

    Oh joy ~ ! All I need now is the materials and the money and I’m in business.

  10. bunnygirle26

    thankyouthankyouthankyou for making this im trying to make a rabbit cosplay myself and this has helped me soooooo much thankyou!!!

  11. cheshire8

    you should see my cheshire cat costume im making =D its on my channel

  12. TheKittyOKat

    This will be perfect for my Shippo Cosplay! Thanks. :D

  13. MrGeicos

    But… I wanna be the March Hare!! I can’t find ANY tutorials, so I’m just gonna make it completely original with my friend

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