Costume Design 1

Here’s a pretty simple method I sometimes use when designing outfits for characters. First I paint in the shape of the body using the paint brush to add and the eraser to subtract, on a layer above the background. Next I hit Preserve Transparency on that layer, and duplicate it. This…

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  1. ya wacom!!! i have a bamboo

    Post by lovetrixs13 July 18, 2008
  2. super beyond mega awesome thank you

    Post by thetubeaccount July 19, 2008
  3. wacom i have the intuos3

    Post by hp7135 August 13, 2008
  4. likewise, i have the bamboo. how do you have your tablet set up? what’s a good configuration for Photoshop CS3?

    Post by halogenC4 September 16, 2008
  5. how do you have photoshop configured? im a total dummy with it because i just bought it and can’t use it properly.

    Post by halogenC4 September 16, 2008
  6. Wow! é bellissimo… sono senza parole!

    Post by 0EvaKant0 September 19, 2008
  7. hey there, I know that music…

    your work is absolutely amazing.

    Post by keisanikano September 27, 2008
  8. It’s nice to finally see photoshop in action.
    Great drawing, is that done in real time? I’d hate to be recorded whilst drawing, I make so many mistakes and erase them.

    Post by kiml42 October 20, 2008
  9. Nothing wrong with that. the only way you learn.

    Post by Desecutive October 30, 2008
  10. wow that good. :) it very good thx 2 shear that with as

    Post by itumiu March 4, 2009
  11. oh and btw you have good music touch what i like

    Post by itumiu March 4, 2009
  12. wow that so nice

    Post by capala1234 April 23, 2009
  13. better than me

    Post by TechnoMaple April 27, 2009
  14. mmmm the music is great as well as the art ^^

    Post by CrIsStInKa April 29, 2009
  15. I think it looked even better bald. I think women can pull off bald just as well as men. Especially african american women

    Post by artboy1213 May 11, 2009
  16. Super! But she better not leave home looking like that.

    Post by OMGitsSEVEN May 16, 2009
  17. What I want to know is where the gold at? I want the gold!

    Post by Secretservicedentist June 29, 2009
  18. Awesome design

    Post by catgodess71 July 1, 2009
  19. that’s amazing

    Post by treyj00 July 13, 2009
  20. i liek how you said here’s a pretty simple method, and then wrote like 4 paragraphs, lol. i have no clue what you’re talking about

    Post by nephewchan September 21, 2009
  21. something special ^^ it looks very nice ^^

    Post by MichiYjZ August 23, 2010
  22. looks like Agent Aika xD

    Post by mtfyebi October 12, 2010
  23. i like your work and your better than me,… but those legs are clearly too long XD
    ( go appocalyptica )

    Post by Urk0fTwilight October 17, 2010

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