Darwin Deez – Batman and Robin Tour

Darwin Deez tours Australia and New Zealand in April / May 2011. Filmed and edited mostly by Andrew Hoepfner, with help from Darwin.

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      Post by macro312 June 13, 2011
    2. <3

      Post by insanealleykat June 13, 2011
    3. Hahahaha! Omg i love it!

      Post by nutellawithpopcorn June 13, 2011
    4. Come to England again you cheeky rascal. I’ve managed to turn all my University housemates into Darwin Deez music lovers in just a couple of months.

      Post by TuckerCommentates June 13, 2011
    5. Now come to Brazil Darwin Deez!!

      Post by sapodaora June 13, 2011
    6. I would love to hang out with darwin deez!

      Post by commentssectionbelow June 13, 2011
    7. so glad you guys came to and enjoyed Australia. you better be coming back :D

      Post by jhubeJELLO June 13, 2011
    8. You always wear such epic jumpers!

      Post by frenchifrankix June 13, 2011
    9. come back home to NYC please??

      Post by leastlikelytosucceed June 13, 2011
    10. Back to Ireland..

      Post by JAMAX90 June 13, 2011
    11. so hipster. so swag.

      Post by nick1553 June 13, 2011
    12. Do you eat

      Post by 44cinni June 14, 2011
    13. dear darwin deez: ever heard of something called winning? no? well dont worry you’re doing it right.

      Post by XxhilfmirxX June 14, 2011
    14. I didn’t get to come to your show ):

      Had half-yearly exams ):

      Post by drucejnr June 14, 2011

      Post by Azlankz June 14, 2011
    16. Yeah dude come to london man

      Post by afaronaccentgordon June 14, 2011
    17. Ireland says I

      Post by zKATRYNz June 14, 2011
    18. IRELAND

      Post by alex2k8cfc June 14, 2011
    19. dios, LO AMO !

      Post by ceciliavelei June 14, 2011
    20. Highlight of my year so far was you hipsters visiting and wooing Australia. Heart you so so much (:

      Post by raisin22 June 15, 2011

      Post by Fauzy26595 June 15, 2011
    22. Darwin is like a BEANPOLE. :)<3

      Post by HPNEEK June 15, 2011
    23. I can believe you’ll be here in Brazil and I’m not going to see you. FUCK :(

      Post by bialencarm June 15, 2011
    24. I’m from Canberra, and although I missed Groovin’ The Moo, some of my friends went and said you were AMAZING! :D

      Post by toouglytoshowmyface June 17, 2011
    25. Hey Darwin! My little brother and I got to meet you and the Deez crew in the queue for the reverse bungee in Bendigo. Mash is a seriously cool lady :) Watching your videos makes me pretty sure if I had 24 hours left to live I’d be happy to spend a few of them out dancing with you guys!

      Post by caityloo1987 June 18, 2011

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