25 Responses to “Digitigrade Werewolf Legs / Stilts”

  1. gryphern

    Check out the “sizing werewolf stilts” video for how to determine piece sizes, and the “Making digitigrade stilts” book. The book offers lots of detail for designing, and the sizing video shows a simple way of figuring out dimensions.

  2. babyangelbunny

    “…and those are our neighbors, wondering what the HELL are we doing?”
    DANG those are AMAZING!
    i want to make some now! OwO

  3. KikiMcCloud

    I have made some, and they are realy good. ^^
    I have to change some little things, but that’s not a problem.
    Nice video. ^^

  4. Liviera

    Dear madam, these are amazing stilts. I am very impressed!

    Now I have another thing to bring up:

    A friend of mine pointed me to your video, apparently he thought it was me talking. And after hearing your voice…yes I do believe that we sound eerily similar.

    I’m a voice actor by trade, and cosplayer by habit. Nice to hear you.

  5. gryphern

    Check out the book and the sizing video, the 3D models in the book are great layouts and the sizing videos shows you how to get the lengths for your custom stilts.

  6. fizzwidgy

    put a block of wood on the front of the toe to help hold you up and also add some rubber on the bottom to help prevent slipping around

  7. Lairnaedon

    Hey this is the guy from one of the response videos… My suit is nearly finished. Will post a vid soon enough :P

    The stilts still work fine btw.

  8. gryphern

    @Lairnaedon Can’t wait to see!!!! Really interested how you decide to use stilts with your costume, skinning them is something we’re still learning about.

  9. ishouldplayzelda

    hey, i got some oak that’s only 1/3 of an inch thick, if i reinforce the bottoms of the backs foot boards then will that be sufficent? also, how did you get a straight angle on the ends of your boards?

  10. ishouldplayzelda

    where do i buy the leg supports or how do i make them? also, does it matter if i put the pivot point toward the back of the side of the board instead of under the heel?

  11. TheKoreanRocker

    1 take a dep breath
    2 think of somebody you like
    3 press f10 five times
    4 send this to 5 youtube videos
    5 look at your background

  12. gryphern

    OMG I did it and my channel background briefly turned into a very detailed photo of ambiguous genitalia!! I had NO idea how large and swollen looking that part of the female body could be! Wow! Then I did it AGAIN, and the fifth time I hit the F10 key, my mom developed ambiguous genitalia! Holy crud, this F10 thing is VERY POWERFUL.

  13. TiagoTiagoT

    i love how your voice kinda “curls” when you say digitgrade <3

  14. MotherPuppet

    man i have been trying to think of ways to make stilts like this and you guys have made them so simplified! You my friends, are awesome!!


    dont feel bad. my nabers wander what the heel we’re doing alot ^,…,^
    my friends and i randomly go plases dressed in costume.

  16. spandexxking

    why dont you guys stop being faggots.
    one day you’l look back on this faggotry and think “my god, was i seriously that gay”
    hell it might contribute to your own suicide which would be for the best.

  17. gryphern

    @spandexxking Oh my gosh, you’re so cute! Did you know that “gay” mean having sex with an individual of the same sex?? The word you’re looking for it “lame,” try using “lame” in a sentence like, “the money you guys make from all your videos and custom commissions is so lame.”

  18. spandexxking

    you make money selling blocks of wood with hinges on them! holy shit i knew furfags had some sort of disease but i didnt realize it was “the stupid”

  19. werewolffanatic123

    where did you get thes these are awesome
    i just wonder how you cover them up to make them look like werewolf feet

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