25 Responses to “Dogs Dress the Part at Halloween Parade – New York Post”

  1. msheldon22

    HM Boy do you reek of east coast discrimination! Snob ! Only East coasters can run the country well Bush was originally from CT and he has destroyed our country! By the way I was born and raised in Boston. Through my travels in West ,mid-west and abroad I have found out why others call us cold and you just confirmed it!

  2. msheldon22

    Oh yes your a pot head how cute your brain is slipping away! Your name witchdoctor suits you!

  3. UltimatumHS

    Agreed your pothead status totally eliminates all your credibility as someone to be taken seriously concerning this election. Especially about Sarah Palin.


  4. openairpreacher

    Halloween is wicked
    repent stop sinning ask Jesus to forgive you
    or you will Go to Hell
    openairpreacher utube

    Witches’ Sabbath
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Halloween, commencing on October 30’s eve
    The Witches’ Sabbath or Sabbat is a supposed meeting of those
    who practice witchcraft, Satanism, or other rites
    Many of the diabolical elements of the Witches’ Sabbath stereotype, such as the eating of babies, poisoning of wells or kissing the devil

  5. openairpreacher

    you had better repent you wicked people
    or you WILL be in hell!

    ask Jesus to forgive you!

  6. 7Row7enn7

    Dude, this video is about dogs in costumes.
    What do you find so “wicked” about the sbject?

  7. openairpreacher

    dogs are Gods creation -your wicked dressing them up for your vile holiday


  8. fshnt

    someone should share their candycorn with “openairpreacher”…he seems pretty cranky

  9. 420witchdoctor

    Go smoke a fucking doobie, you stuck up cunt of a religious bitch.

  10. 420witchdoctor

    By the way, I am an occultist, so fuck all of Christianity, you baby-raping, women and children-killing, faggot ass Crusading bitches.

  11. worldli

    Check out the videos I shot while i was in Wasilla, Alaska…..some of the people would say that that dog looked better than Sarah Palin!

  12. catzndolz

    Racist, America hating REVEREND WRIGHT
    Terrorist, America hating WILLIAM AYERS
    Slum Lord TONY REZKO
    Israel Hating Terrorist Supporting, RASHID KHALIDI
    $1/month Hut Living Brother of Obama, GEORGE HUSSEIN ONYANGO OBAMA
    Welfare Case/Southie Boston Housing Project Resident/Illegal Alien
    Aunt of Barrack Obama, ZEITUNI ONYANGO
    Radical Feminist, Racist and America Hating Wife, MICHELLE OBAMA

    the only people who voted for this guy are Racists


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