25 Responses to “Driving… and Bunny Costume!! :]”

  1. mollymej

    you should do a video of your bunny&&the annotations of him talking.

  2. StarJekker

    Awww that bunny is sooo cute. I care, and car vlogs are fun too!

    I have a couple more semesters left in my chem major, and I really don’t know what I’ll be doing after that… I thought it would take forever to finish it, but now it feels really close… :S

  3. Usinji

    Adorable! BB looks awesome! Wish people gave out special bunny candy for Halloween. So you could take him Trick or Treating. XD

  4. christinibeani

    @DickGhostmoon True. :] Thanks Graham. PS MAKE MORE VIDEOS :]

  5. christinibeani

    @AtticussAtticuss Haha, well I’m normally on 280, but if I am ever on your side of the world, then it’s on. And don’t eat my bunny!!!!

  6. christinibeani

    @TheLadyGhada Haha yeah his facial expression was fantastic. :] I just had to add captions.

  7. christinibeani

    @Usinji Thanks Joe. And yeah I agree. I got him an edible toy thing at PetSmart so I guess I can give him that for Halloween. :]

  8. AbsurdBabbleHumor

    do an absurd babble humor vlog while yur driving. freestyle it. just spit some good random nonsense

  9. treysyt

    not boring but kinda funny, so in this economy, hopefully your parents will just continue to support you until you find a really rich guy!

  10. Drakensang11

    i personally would like to see what youre doing so keep doing that vlog thing

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