Easy Mermaid Makeup

I hope this was easy enough :\ I think it is. I wanted to something easier but not skip out on the WOW factor. Hope it helps someone.

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    1. Go penny! Go on with ya bad self breaking stuff :) hahaha

      Post by labellaviita November 6, 2010
    2. u have really pretty bone structure.. have u ever thought of modeling?? :)

      Post by dianiistar10 November 12, 2010
    3. @LindseyAnnC stop being such a hater you stupid little bitch!

      Post by rogeliovilchez1 November 13, 2010

      Post by ledasile November 15, 2010
    5. DUCKFACE!!!! LOL!

      Post by goyitocolombia November 19, 2010
    6. I love that look! awesome!!! but i’ve a question! where can i buy the 120 eyeshadow palette? i’m from mexico & i’ll go vacation to los Angeles, and i wonder were can i buy this palette?, i love it..I hope you answer me :)

      Post by chocolatemj2 November 23, 2010
    7. what music/song did you use? It’s purty!

      Post by lek900 November 27, 2010
    8. Was the 120 palette BH cosmetics or Coastal Scents?

      Post by LaDeeDa86 November 29, 2010
    9. i keep watching this just for the duckface lmao

      Post by foe17oh9 November 30, 2010
    10. is the background music from the Lord of the Rings?

      Post by SDAR77 November 30, 2010
    11. Your nails look fine! I don’t see what the problem is?

      Post by EmilydiaGRRR December 5, 2010
    12. Your nails look fine to me. I don’t see the problem here?

      Post by EmilydiaGRRR December 5, 2010
    13. oh and I would like to tell you that i LOVE that u find cheaper ways to do these extravagant looks because not all of us have a buttload of money to spend on halloween costumes or stage costumes and I really appreciate the nifty and budget friendly ways to get awesome looks. THANK YOU.

      Post by TheMoonsOrb December 12, 2010
    14. your nails look a lot better than mine!

      Post by lalala2471 December 20, 2010
    15. I just love this look. And it suits u so freakin well :) looks beautiful, also with these purple lenses. Ur dog really looks like the little mermaid dog :D

      Post by pilandmul December 20, 2010
    16. i love that you actually make use of your 120 palette. some other gurus rave it and then use it only once or twice

      Post by SweetRevenge9191 December 27, 2010
    17. HAHAHA, I love that face you make! What a cute, down-to-earth person you are! You’re wonderful, and so talented and beautiful.

      Post by pahjahmahs December 30, 2010
    18. wow you’ve got major talent

      Post by geebatart January 24, 2011
    19. wow u look soo soo beautyful as a mermaid

      Post by natiibabee February 7, 2011
    20. You make for a beautiful mermaid

      Post by MermaidCostumes March 24, 2011
    21. your extremely pretty and im very jello ):

      Post by MyGurlz100 March 27, 2011
    22. “i realy love living on land they have dogs” thats something i would say,nice vid btw^^

      Post by thenerdgirl555 April 4, 2011
    23. do you think they still have that VS lipstick in breathe?
      it’s gorgeoussssss. i’ve looking for something not too nude, and not too pink.
      lovely tutorial btw, 0:20 hahaha

      Post by itsjusthoarse April 5, 2011
    24. 7:38 ahaha. youre really talenteddd!

      Post by aerochick331 April 5, 2011
    25. i love it

      Post by anyah326 April 25, 2011

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