Ellen Loves the Audience Halloween Costumes

During her Halloween show, Ellen pointed out some of the clever costumes in her audience — and noted some of the drawbacks of the funny outfits.

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    1. hite beer for the win , but it looked like”jack in the box” wanted to jack it in the can :P

      Post by daewooparts October 30, 2010
    2. lol, hite beer

      Post by leonaestep2000 October 30, 2010
    3. LOL TAMPAX! xD!

      Post by Sil3ntStar October 30, 2010
    4. very cool :D

      Post by CuddyWoolf October 31, 2010
    5. Lol at the asian chick

      Post by googledoogle October 31, 2010

      Post by Mvhsqueen October 31, 2010
    7. @googledoogle She went crazy when she said something about her lmao!

      Post by xchamorrobrox November 1, 2010
    8. I was like, lol. Its that Hite? Korean beer in the house!

      Post by SFBL1 December 1, 2010
    9. i like how her snooki is real short below her now thats funny jersey shore kind of sucks tho lol

      Post by CTWcauseiMissyou December 24, 2010
    10. poor american peoples ….

      Post by worldmusic234 February 18, 2011

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