Fairytale Witch Costume

Fairytale Witch Costume

Product features:

  • Availible sizes – from toddler size to large.
  • Dress is made of black and purple velvet.
  • Dress has full skirt.
  • Cute black cat emblem.
  • Included matching hat.
  • Dress measures 31 x 3 x 14 inches.
  • Costume weight is 11.2 ounces.
  • Dress is made for girls at age from 24 month to 6 years.

Girl's Fairytale Witch Costume

Product details

This fairytale witch dress is definitely for very girly girls, who this time wants to be something else than a princess. A witch also has a dress, but usually it’s black with orange or brown, in one word – dark. This dress is black with purple – just the color that girly girls loves. And why not to give a chance to purple color in witch dress. Dress is made of soft and strong fabric – velvet. Also, costumes skirt are full, so they look very unique. If you want the dress to look more full, you might use some underskirt to make that effect. Skirt bottom and sleeve ends are shaped lovely and not so frequently seen. But that also makes harder to adjust skirt length, if there is such a need. On the dress there are the cutest black kitten emblem. It makes this dress look more like a witches dress because every real witch needs a cat. This costume includes a matching hat which is well made. Hat is not light but it might fall of. It can be very easily to fix by just sawing a matching ribbon. Dress is durable and washable in very soft conditions, so it can be used many times. The witch costume can be improved by some witch accessories, like a broom or some jewelry. Also without the hat, dress might look like an original princess dress. It wouldn’t be all pink and glittery but it would definitely look fresh and unseen. To make it more like a princess dress you’ll need some princess accessories. It’s a great costume for a great price.

Girls and Toddler Fairytale Witch Costume - Halloween Costumes


  • Unique colors for witch costume.
  • Matching hat is included.
  • Unique shape.
  • Can be used as a princess dress.


  • Hat might not stay on head properly.
  • The skirt might not stay so full.

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