Foggy Point Platform Display Review

Foggy Point Platform Display Review

Brought to you by Department 56, the Foggy Point Platform display piece is an ideal addition to anyone’s Halloween display collection. As part of the snow village collection from Department 56, the Foggy Point Platform has a ton of great features and we think the Foggy Point Platform is a real bargain at just $118. Available at Amazon now you can get your hands on this amazing product and enjoy adding it to your Halloween display collection.

Made from plastic resin, metal wire and cotton blend, the Foggy Point Platform looks realistic and extremely spooky. The product has some neat features including fog effect and lighting effects. You add water to the platform for the fog effect so it’s simple to use and makes the whole thing a whole lot more appealing and spooky for Halloween. The lighting effects are good too and make the entire scene look incredibly Halloween appropriate.

One of the biggest benefits of this product is the fog effect that doesn’t smell. Usually when you want to create a foggy effect for things like this you have to use that smelly fog effect smoke. Whereas with the Foggy Point Platform you simply add water and it looks extremely realistic. We really like that feature and it’s one of the best fog effects we’ve seen.

Some of the reviews on Amazon suggest that the product is larger than they were expecting – this can be a good or a bad thing I guess; depends on what you want for your display. The Foggy Point Platform is also good for placing other items on top of – it is recommended to place a house or building of some sort on top to really set off your haunted house look.

Product Features:

–          Fog effect (just add water)

–          Lighting effects

–          Platform for haunted houses

–          Ideal additional piece for displays

–          Made from plastic resin, metal wire and cotton blend

–          Snow Village accessory

–          Department 56 accessory

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your already spooky display then this is the ideal addition. If you have a haunted house that’s looking a bit tired then the Foggy Point Platform is the ideal way to add a bit of extra spookiness to your display. The fog effect is great and the lighting makes it even better – a real bargain at $118 from Amazon.

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