25 Responses to “Frank the Bunny costume functionality test 01”

  1. BeHappyPeoples

    @Kurr63 one more question how tall are you im 5’9 but growing

  2. 20centjes

    The nails are awesome. Why is this suit so awfully expensive in stores? Around 200 euros, it’s ridiculous.

  3. eurekamarty

    Damn! Trying to put this costume together myself no luck on parts.

  4. myprodigyovernight

    shit how did you make that
    i want to be frank for halloween but
    the costumes were alot

  5. Kurr63

    @myprodigyovernight The costumes you think are alot are the cheap ones (about 120.00) mine cost about 250.00 in parts alone! So how did I make it? Well it takes about a week’s worth of man hours to make one of these suits. None of the parts or materials exsist so I have to make my own from what I could find. Then I had to teach myself how to do each of the things I needed to know such as, how to sculpt clay and cast rubber and plastic, also how to cut and sew fabrics etc. Good Luck!

  6. Kurr63

    I only have some sets of the hands left if your interested….

  7. Kurr63

    @thespecter2 I do not sell the masks. I’m only doing a few pairs of gloves until the materials on hand run out. Thanks for asking.

  8. MrMatchete

    i could already imagine the guy in the car saying wtf i better lay off the shrums

  9. Kurr63

    @ballowe11 I have 1 pair ready to go. How many pairs do you need?

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