25 Responses to “Frank The Bunny Halloween Costume by www.kreationx.com”

  1. VMYeahVN

    it makes me really sad that its sold out.

    But it doesnt even matter, cause im too short for the costume anyway…..Is there any plans to ever make smaller sized Frank the Bunny costumes? Im 5’4” and obviously could never fit the current model made for 5’10” and up people.

  2. gibhran11

    Actually its the alternative version of mad world since it has the drums.

  3. crazitaco

    my bro was Frank for halloween!
    my mom made the mask out of paper mache and a Jason mask (hockey mask)
    she used plastic foam to create a basic shape and then added the paper to give it detail. she used clear plastic spoons and sanded down the sharp edges to use for the eyes she misted with paint. she took really really long fake nails and used them for his teeth. she spray painted the whole thing and it looked almost exactly like the real mask!!!!

  4. batteryAAP

    you must be real proud of the costume, saw this comment from you on afew other vids.

    your mom rocks though if she can make that! how about the body suit though? just wondering because fursuits aren’t exaclty cheap lol.

  5. hogantmwnn

    I would wear it all year round, just to trip people out.

  6. lastsaneman19

    its a fuckin scary ass rabbit, but somehow it comforts me. looks so psycho yet kind of gentle in a way

  7. FudgeYouVideos

    @kreationx um i asume this but are the eyes able to see through?

  8. frostedcodine

    i want 1 soooo bad, that would be fucking amazing creeping up on my mom or g/f late at night

  9. SubstantialDisorder

    Shit, I want this badly. Does anyone know where to get legit costumes like this? Seems kreationx is out of stock (and won’t be restocking).

  10. kreationx

    @SubstantialDisorder BACK IN STOCK IN 1 MONTH!! (AUGUST)

  11. unaffiliatedperson

    is this still availiable. i wanna be frank the bunny. barnone one of my favorite movies

  12. black0rose

    I bought this costume, and I have absolutely no complaints.
    You see through small slits underneath Frank’s white eyes.
    Inside the mask are elastics you wrap around your hear so the ears don’t flop and the mask doesn’t fall forward.
    I love this costume and people were always asking me for pictures last Halloween.
    Wearing it again this year!

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