Funny Dog Halloween Costumes

The title says it all!

Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. I think its perfectly fine to dress up your doggie as long as it is not hurting it or inhumainly restricting it from movement. Get with the times, dogs love it! Its not damaging to their dignity. Dogs are not thinking about the way they look. Theyre dogs. we Think that way, but not dogs. Do your homework on dogs before you post negative comments ppl.

      Post by maharley27 March 14, 2010
    2. lol

      Post by piehater111 March 17, 2010
    3. no, its pretty funny.

      Post by iamwatchingyourvideo March 19, 2010
    4. lolz… thats funny… i love the yoda and the hotdogs XD

      Post by TheWorldOfWord March 19, 2010
    5. It’s funny, but you seem like you would own a bunch of cats.

      Post by zoomerlawns March 24, 2010
    6. i like the dog with the knife on head lol….

      Post by bokyo32 March 26, 2010
    7. Well, I think it’s funny.

      Post by zoomerlawns March 27, 2010
    8. The one whith the knife in its head scared me

      Post by tabcoco March 28, 2010
    9. 0:14, Beast!!!!!

      Post by luckylillady97 April 2, 2010
    10. 0:14, Beast!!!!!

      Post by luckylillady97 April 2, 2010
    11. I dress my dog up and he doesn’t give a crap xD
      He looked cute in his Santa suit :D

      Post by goldenglitter12 May 12, 2010
    12. I still prefere the “Spiderpug”… He looks awfull!

      Post by bullymom68 May 16, 2010
    13. @scottishbadboytracks Because it makes other people laugh their fucking asses off.

      Post by Viktir666 May 20, 2010
    14. i love the song eye of the tiger.

      Post by CopperBFF May 23, 2010
    15. Hot Dog :)

      Post by visalen96 May 25, 2010
    16. Awesome!

      Post by KamikazeKoscki June 6, 2010
    17. thats so mean!! poor puppy dogs

      Post by soccerchick92997 June 23, 2010
    18. poor dogs!

      Post by sofiiiaw June 27, 2010
    19. Someone disguised their dog as Michael Jackson last year–read this in the San Francisco Chronicle. We got some dog disguises, including a candy corn one, at my work last year.

      Post by Jannghi July 7, 2010

      Post by greendayfan10186 July 7, 2010

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