Good Morning America Interviews Michael Jackson’s Costume Designers Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush

GOOD MORNING AMERICA Explores ‘How Michael Jackson Won the West’ – A new exhibit in LA includes Michael Jackson’s favorite western duds. Tompkins/Bush Costumes on Display at The Autry National Center August 17, 2010 – Los Angeles, CA – The Autry National Center’s newest installation, “How the West was Worn by… Michael Jackson,” is now open to the public. Made possible by the generosity of Michael Jackson’s long-time Costumer Designers, Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush, the display pays tribute to Michael Jackson’s incredible showmanship, on and off the stage… His wardrobe was always memorable and detailed, in large part due to the incredible talent and creativity of Dennis Tompkins & Michael Bush. It is in these details that the recurring western influences are found and highlighted in this one-of-a-kind exhibit. From Jackson’s Old West performance of ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ on the family’s 1970’s variety show to the flocked, bib-front shirt he wore in Sydney, Australia in the 1990’s, the exhibit shows the western influences that were evident in his iconic wardrobe over the years, blending seamlessly with the Gene Autry, John Wayne, Bill Pickett, Roy Rogers and Buffalo Bill artifacts throughout the Museum’s gallery of the American West. The display also includes a design sketch by Dennis Tompkins, signed by Michael Jackson, the ‘Guitar’ belt worn by Jackson on the ‘Beat It’ single album cover and promo posters, the silver metal boots he wore to the White House to meet

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    1. Can you help me designers ineed advice on his clothing

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