Gothic Enchantress Costume – Child Small

Gothic Enchantress Costume – Child Small

Product features:

  • Medium, small and large sizes available.
  • Costumes weight is less than 2 pounds.
  • Costume includes a brooch.
  • It’s made for girls at age 7 to 10.
  • Available only in dark red color.

Gothic Enchantress Costume –

Product description

This gothic enchantress dress is made for young girls who wants to dress as someone unique. Enchantress isn’t a vampire and isn’t a witch. It’s something in between. Your girl will look very vampire like but she will represent some magic. This dress is pretty unique, as it hasn’t been seen so much. There are more popular costumes than this, but you should give this one a chance, too. It’s good to have something different than others so your girl can stand out in a crowd. It’s a great dress for Halloween, school plays or other dress-up event. This dress even might be worn in any casual party, casual day or when playing with friends. This dress has many characters in it. You can make different looks with this one dress only with some different accessories. The dress also would look great without those sleeves. Costumes fabric is light but durable. In very soft conditions you can even try to wash it. Wash it with hands and in cool water. It won’t loose it’s shape, size or color. Also this dress is easy one to fix something. Dress length might be tricky because of that unique bottom shape. Sleeves might be easier to adjust. For this costume is available only one color – dark red. It’s quite classic color for Halloween. This costume also includes a brooch. It’s a small detail, so it shouldn’t be given to very small children. As the dress has a small part – it can be easy lost. But also it’s very easy to replace it. also if you experiment with different characters, you even might not use original brooch, but some other accessories. Dress is very easy to put on. Also under the dress it’s possible to wear some additional light clothes, if needed.

Gothic Enchantress Costume video review

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  • Unique character.
  • Costume includes a brooch.
  • One piece costume.
  • Can make different characters.


  • Light fabric.
  • Only one available color.
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