Halloween Adventures – 2009 Edition

These are my adventures this Halloween. My post about Halloween in Athens: codyrapol.com Here is a link to all the pictures: www.flickr.com www.facebook.com Don’t forget to subscribe.

Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. Dexter Morgan, that is such a badass costume.

      Post by thatzak November 5, 2009
    2. lol your bed sheets are the cat from alice in wonderland

      Post by crackmonkeys2 November 5, 2009
    3. 1- My name is also Andrea, and i also have a friend named Cody (that was a little bit backwards-sounding i think, but you get the point)
      2- I agree completely, beer is just not enjoyable. Whiskey is so much better

      Post by alkalinextrioxconz November 5, 2009
    4. my friend does a dead on impersonation of L…its amazing :)

      Post by Supergirl941 November 5, 2009
    5. XD Very Nice~

      Post by KyoChick November 5, 2009
    6. I knew you were an anime fan but i didnt know you really liked it that much
      awesome ^_^ ur so great cody lol

      Post by AkatsukiGirl11 November 5, 2009
    7. XD death note

      Post by BriCareful November 5, 2009
    8. Pita Pit’s my favorite! I didn’t know they had them anywhere else! hahaa

      Post by IKissingTheLipless November 5, 2009
    9. Mega fun time.

      Post by scottklaw November 5, 2009
    10. lol we didnt even drink at all *lier poster comes up * lol nice

      Post by xXxDeath666CorexXx November 5, 2009
    11. Too bad we do not have Halloween here :( Plus i hate beer to bro, i only get drunk with strong drinks :)

      Post by RistesTube November 5, 2009
    12. lol your funni i luv ur vids : ) <33

      Post by kizzaxpress24 November 5, 2009
    13. :o
      I know a Colin and Andrea, and they’re friends. :]
      I just thought that I’d let you know.
      Name connections make me lawl.

      Post by SpeakSSllooww November 5, 2009
    14. ur gay

      Post by mj3088 November 6, 2009
    15. Death Note FTW. <3

      Post by ShiznizzleToTheMax November 6, 2009
    16. hey they copied my name colin

      Post by mircir November 6, 2009
    17. Andrea :D
      That’s me.
      Well not me, but my name. :)

      Post by JacobIsBangable November 7, 2009
    18. dexter morgan!?!?!?!?!?!?! oh my goooodddd. i love dexter! any other fans out there? no
      ok -.-

      Post by imdatpisceschick November 7, 2009
    19. my name is kira(: haha so i found that pretty awesome

      Post by CyanideKira November 8, 2009
    20. for me it was.but yep it should be worth a check out for you :D

      Post by juzan1407 November 8, 2009
    21. you didnt take a picture of L
      .. HOW DARE YOU

      Post by dennisruss1111 November 11, 2009
    22. bosh? no way!!

      Post by BrittanyLouann November 21, 2009
    23. lmao, i love your bed spread :)

      Post by kalli339 December 15, 2009
    24. death note costumes=win of epic proportions :D

      Post by holyballs95 August 12, 2010
    25. i se the cheshire cat in the bottom left of the screen!

      Post by dogman001 November 13, 2010

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