24 Responses to “halloween cop outfit thing”

  1. viss3n

    watch out i got a BIG WEAPON and i am not afraid to use it !!

  2. ugforthewin

    Never mind just Halloween, I’ll have exactly this every day.

  3. globe255

    There is many idiotic men in this world, because as soon a beautiful woman wants to show herself up by having sexy dress on her beautiful body those idiots like to call her a slut. Hmmn let me see i think i will call them brainless clowns.

  4. globe255

    @R3tr0Assass1n NO! BUT she is a very attractive sexy girl.

  5. currymuncher49

    arrest me then we can do it in my jail cell.
    You’re so hot

  6. ButteryAssAbel

    @grayfire777 thats what i was thinking. and i really needed to take a shit


    you boys are man sluts okay we r not your play toys or trophys for you to win us over be more pure and less mmmm idk maybe a lil more respectful disgusting little pervs

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