25 Responses to “Halloween Costume DIY Greek Toga Fast and Easy Last-Minute”

  1. digsart

    Of all of the toga videos on YT I love this style the best! Thanks sweetie! I subscribed to your channel too! ;) ♥

  2. badders143

    Real helpful, so easy & no sewing. Spot on, thanks. My Son will be the best King Minos in his Minotar play X

  3. happydomain11

    Thanks so much! I have a toga day at my school and this will surely make me stand out. It’s extremely easy and totally helpful! You’re my hero!!!

  4. ramennoodlechef

    awesome video. going to one tonight and due to work I have no time to actually put something complex together This helped alot.

  5. junktostyler

    @Bubbleicious22able: I used one large bedsheet that gets folded. A queen or full size works best, unless you’re really tall or want a lot of gathering, then I’d go with king.

    @leogal4eva: Hmm, underneath, you could possibly wear either just regular spaghetti straps, or if you want to get fun with it, then maybe some sparkly top or even nude-colored clothes with leggings or stockings in case it’s cold.

    Everyone else: Thank you for your comments! I’m so glad everyone had such a successful time!

  6. PaulaAbdulJr

    Whoa…your shirt makes me dizzy…lol btw loveee the video! :D

  7. VictoriaGraceB

    i have to dress up like Calypso from the oddysey and write a rap about her and perform it in front of my class. funn haha

  8. hallonfantomen

    This is so so great! I don’t have a sewing machine, and to be honest, even if I did, i could never be bothered actually sewing a dress I’d only wear for a night. This is prefect! Thank you so much!

  9. truvonna1

    This is so genious! wish I had seen this b4 I bought a toga costume!!!…lol

  10. krispienz

    Could this be for men too?

    Found a good answer to my own question.

    Men wore the same chiton (yes, it is not a toga) but pinned only the left shoulder. The open loose end was wrapped around and a waist tie was used to secure. The mens chiton is generally shorter too (knee length).

    Another website on Ancient Greek gives almost identical instructions.
    At least you know this video is close to genuine to Greek attire. The Romans wore togas but the Greek did not.

  11. dinisohood

    @VictoriaGraceB Haha… so do I but I’m in a group and we are doing a talk show with guests that are women from the odyssey. I play Calypso…

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