Its almost about that time, do you know what your going as for Halloween? If your still unsure, watch this week as Rob gives some old curtains some new life and turns them into the quintessential Halloween robe. Good for warlocks, witches, reapers and creepers

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25 Responses to “Halloween Costume Ideas, Warlocks, Witches, Threadbanger”

  1. englundisgod

    ithink you can still get the official mask on their site but dont quote me on that

  2. FabulousTia101

    cool, u guys think u can make a cloepatra costume?????? i would seriosly send that to all my contacts if u did. im dieing the get a cloepatra costume! :)

  3. englundisgod

    badass post a vid after halloween if you make the costume this year for my scarecrow getup i made a trenchcoat from a dark blue bedsheet

  4. sarahxcrazyyyxxx

    AND POOF! U’ve got urself some rad halloween garb! LOL that looked like fun!

  5. concerningjane

    I bet you could do a Cleopatra look with this pattern. Just leave the sleeves and hood off, use white fabric instead of brown, and accessorize.

  6. dreadeddancer

    also a great black trench coat from your local thrift store with a newly added monks style hood from either curtains,a pillow case with a lining, or an old pair of black slacks can have the same effect and can be used for more than a costume but also a pretty cool fall coat. and find an old fleece or really fuzzy blanket to trace the same shape of your coat and hood to make a cozy liner for those colder climates

  7. supisay77

    lol you no you dident even make it you just randomly said that to make his gay nerd costume feel good……..

  8. t00bber

    I found really cheap costumes and the coolest halloween accessories like these at

    cheaphalloweenstuff . info

    never knew they were that cheap… hope u guyz find it helpful :)

  9. MZMStudios

    Nice job! Very simple! I am not very good with a sewing machine, but this should be a piece of cake for my wife!

    Take care,

  10. 2nuggs1

    i really want to be a warlock this year….but im afraid ill go to hell…

  11. bleachsanchoblastk

    i wanna make a sithrobe for a movie i wanna make some day,gotta meke some lightsabers,and get some editing softwear and a cam……….mabe some day…..

  12. DMoore6977

    I wanna see their take on an Altair costume from Assassins Creed

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