PitBull Sharky needed to have Happy Halloween Party and FUN RUN with his brother bull terrier Bully, After stressful 3rd Birthday party: www.youtube.com They dressed up and had a BLAST! HAVE a SUPPER FUN HALLOWEEN! XOXOXO ~Sharky & Bully~ SHARKY::: youtube.com twitter.com facebook.com uniteddogs.com www.istardom.com pitbullsharky (at) gmail.com HELEN: youtube.com youtube.com twitter.com myspace.com zazzle.com MAX-ARTHUR::: youtube.com twitter.com myspace.com facebook.com

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    25 Responses to “HALLOWEEN Costume Party Fun Run – PitBull Sharky & Bully”

    1. blinkyreadsbooks

      Sharky is a norty pirate!

      I dressed up my Lenny as a norty pirate too and he chewed his plastic cutlass to bits :O

    2. sqmbaker80

      you have a good dogs ..great! please see my videos for dog costumes and halloween costumes also.. get some ideas from it

    3. esria

      What a pair! Didn’t know Sharky could move that fast! Congratulations on your relationships with your pets. You are obviously a super-duper pet owner.

    4. iamkingkongfoo

      I understand that it is just two dogs running around in costumes, but for’eal… people disliked this?

    5. obversaria1

      @ultimategamer887 Lay off the Americans. We at least are proud
      of our dogs.

    6. Fester1964

      Watching Sharky make me feel happy, he makes me giggle!!!! Smooches to you Sharky & all his pals!!!!!!

    7. sick1102006

      All your videos make me smile! Attitudes are contagious, ensure yours is worth catching!

    8. melme82

      OMG my Pit Zoey does the same thing! She goes nuts and starts running around like she is possessed is hilarious!

    9. Maisleys

      oh my god look at his little dreads off his hat!!!! way too cute

    10. sapphireangels7

      Is that a wig on part of Sharky’s head ? Too cute LOL

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