24 Responses to “Halloween Costume Tribute”

  1. UsagiShika

    Holy Crap 2:16 Is That Really Him? If not, The he looks liek him a lot! :D

  2. jackfudgeu

    a few years ago a couple went out to dinner. later that night the babysitter called and asked if she could put a sheet over the clown statue in the kids bedroom. the father said “get the kids out of the house and I’ll call the police. we don’t own a clown statue.” it turned out that the clown was a murderer escaped from jail. if you don’t repost this message on 10 videos the clown will be in your bedroom tonight at 3am with a chainsaw

  3. Shiore2002

    Halloween is a american bullshit maybe the american took Halloween from an old culture but we dont need this in Europe

  4. arsalan8gh

    Who wants to be a groom or a bride in the next Halloween?

  5. MrAffiliates

    Wow nice video, i love it. please contact me at cococontacts. thanks

  6. MsPunkzilla

    halloween the best holiday of them all well one of them at lest

  7. concessionqtittj

    Lady GaGa is the determined invention of art school graduate Stefani Germanotta – – – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – –

  8. mathematictsgdkm

    Interesting pic. I’ve only seen her with the frost-blond wig. – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – –

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