Halloween Costume Update ~ Accessories ~ Haulin’ at Walmart

I went Halloween Haulin’ at Walmart with Shawnie, well, kind of. I got so excited when I found the eye shadow tattoo that I had to text her to let her know I found it! Great prices on Halloween makeup and other goodies…oh, the wigs were each, not !

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    1. My dryer makes the same noise, yet in eight years we always forget that the loud buzzing noise is the dryer, and every singe time, we run around the house freaking out that something is going to explode.

      We are not very bright.

      Great….wasn’t going to go shopping today, now I gotta go to walmart!

      Post by juliagoolia72 October 22, 2010
    2. WOW, totally different look you got goin’ on there lol, actually the hairstyle(not the colour though) quite suits you x

      Post by Saphirra19 October 22, 2010
    3. Yikes, when I first saw this video pop up I thought ??? Who is this person I’m subbed too. You look just like the girl in the picture on your costume. LOVE the pink mascara :D

      Post by debbick1 October 22, 2010
    4. you can use black frosting dye easy

      Post by 1965blaze October 22, 2010
    5. You look absolutely amazing in that wig! Great fun! Hope you enjoy yourself with all the looks! oxo

      Post by ukeelady October 22, 2010
    6. Joan! you look AMAZING with that wig! So I guess we both learned this week that we look good in black hair =D LOVE IT!

      Post by MakeupByLeeLee October 22, 2010
    7. Great haul!

      Post by bruciesheart October 22, 2010
    8. you look good with dark hair!! Joanzy..do you own you salon that you work at?? If so do you think you could do a video? Maybe a day in the life?? Just point the camera down so we can’t see them for those who don’t want to be online??? What do you think?? It would be fun to see you all decked out for Halloween….Give it some thought….I am having hot flashes just thinking about wearing a wig Yikes!! Great video and woo hoo it is Friday…but you probably have to work tomorrow don’t you?

      Post by thelmalou475 October 22, 2010
    9. ohhh my goodness girl!!! great finds;) let me know how you like that pink mascara…I had thought about getting that too=) you are gonna look sooo stinkin cute in both of them….but you know that pink leapords gonna be my fave!!! lol

      Post by ShAwNiEsPReTTyNiNk October 22, 2010
    10. dang it Joan..sorry not sure but imagine thats your name and hope its ok to use it..you look wonderful in dark hair..I mean awesome even..love the costumes..and I’m with thelmalou475 – woul dloe to see a day at the salon

      Post by MsDeborahd October 22, 2010
    11. ok sorry in english my last words were “would love to see a day at the salon”

      Post by MsDeborahd October 22, 2010
    12. @ShAwNiEsPReTTyNiNk Thanks! I’m excited about my costumes. Thank you so much for looking for the leopard eye shadow for me…you are too sweet! xoxo

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    13. @thelmalou475 Sandy ~ I own my own business (Clip Art Hair Design) and rent a station from my best friend, Vinnie. We laugh at our mafia names: Vinnie and Joanzy! I want to get the ok from her to do a video. I’m sure she won’t care, but you know how it is. Yup, I work every Saturday unless we’re gone.

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    14. @bruciesheart Hey, thanks! I was pretty excited!

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    15. @MakeupByLeeLee Thank you, Lee Lee!

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    16. @ukeelady Thanks! I’m sure I will. Halloween is my favorite holiday!

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    17. @1965blaze I’m not sure what you mean?

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    18. @debbick1 Haha! Fooled you! Thanks so much, Deb.

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    19. @Saphirra19 Yea, the black is a bit harsh, I agree. I may see if they have a brown or blond version.

      Post by junbug1029 October 22, 2010
    20. @juliagoolia72 Too funny! My hubby tried unsuccessfully to disable it and it drives him crazy! He jumps up, and runs over to turn it off. hee hee! Did you make it to Walmart?

      Post by junbug1029 October 23, 2010
    21. @junbug1029 We’re lucky. Ours came with an on off switch, but every once in a while it will get accidentaly knocked into the on position and then we’re back to running around the house going “What’s that noise? Is it the Carbon Monoxide detector!?!”

      I’m off to Walmart at 7:00 am tomorrow! It’s the only time I can stand to be in there between Thursday and Monday!

      Post by juliagoolia72 October 23, 2010
    22. Love that hair on you! Can’t quite place who you look like but sexy naughty secretary comes to mind LOL Ah ha no it is Lois Lane-you just need a pair of black glasses :)
      Almost bought those lashes but was afraid they would make me nuts-well more nuts :)

      Post by Catalina031 October 23, 2010
    23. You have my hair! LOL! Seriously I love the costume and I love the hair on you it looks really good. Have a Happy Halloween!

      Post by VictoriasRoses October 23, 2010
    24. You just keep finding fantastic Halloween things!

      Post by smilingsandra October 26, 2010

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