Halloween costumes Epic stupid and funny ! Dress your kid as a toilet or balloon boy! Lady Gaga?

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    1. that chik in the purple is fuckin gross

      Post by jecmarinebrat October 24, 2009
    2. I think its a dude bro lol

      Post by onlyiknow1 October 24, 2009
    3. thanks for that gross ass image man. haha

      Post by jecmarinebrat October 24, 2009
    4. That life is gooood poster looks like it has some subliminal messages in it. :O

      Post by CidMelvyn October 24, 2009
    5. lmfao

      Post by onlyiknow1 October 24, 2009
    6. lmfao this is awsome!! good stuff!

      Post by CaNNonBlunT October 25, 2009
    7. your videos are always laggy for some reason and all others aren’t

      Post by Sephir9x October 25, 2009
    8. I’m sorry. I don’t know why. All the videos I have been trying to watch in the past week or so have been that way. Maybe it’s the HD. Not sure

      Post by onlyiknow1 October 25, 2009
    9. nice video but is it just my imagination or this guy is a copy of raywilliamjohnson

      Post by bacuris October 25, 2009
    10. Thanks. Ive heard that before but I think my videos are a little different. I don’t do the picture thing or video thing everytime. I just did it this time for Halloween.

      Post by onlyiknow1 October 25, 2009
    11. daddy i got a tootsie roll! Jumbo size that or the drunk guy dosent shit on the kid but pees or pukes! x]

      Post by 98hellraiser October 28, 2009
    12. those costumes are pretty unique…

      Post by carGT222 October 30, 2009
    13. nice video …

      Post by wwerocks9 October 31, 2009
    14. ray william johnson + sxe phil = this guy

      lol. cool video though.

      Post by CestJesskka October 31, 2009
    15. lol thanks

      Post by onlyiknow1 October 31, 2009
    16. thats serious

      Post by BlainBoysShow November 1, 2009
    17. sick
      5 stars
      i went as a pedofile

      Post by ThePaulGalea November 1, 2009
    18. i went as chris crocker. the parents are scared of me now. LOL! 5/5

      Post by Doh1250 November 1, 2009
    19. ya I know its kinda weird.

      Post by shadow9484 November 1, 2009
    20. ROFL…”Look Daddy I got a toostsie roll”…Oh..that’s nasty..LOL

      QOTD:: Not no…But Hell No!..LOL

      Post by jimeronimo November 4, 2009
    21. lol fruit roll ups

      Post by SABBiLEE November 5, 2009
    22. Fruit roll ups,,,,(:lol

      Post by cupcakechickadee November 6, 2009
    23. hey nice vid

      Post by coolcat42o7 November 6, 2009
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      Post by StephenSteel November 6, 2009
    25. This definitely just made my day!! haha. I wonder why some people dress the way they do. I guess we’ll never know. haha.

      Post by LeAnnftw November 9, 2009

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