Halloween costumes (for the cheap fellow)

Sorry ya’all, been up to my neck in projects and coding and all that stuff.. I haven’t forgotten you though… will be back when I have the time! Here’s a quickie!

Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. hey im looking for a hot guy to cam with
      geocities. com/funtammibabe/

      Post by 20fTammi October 5, 2007
    2. HAHA you’re pretty funny..

      Post by PunkFlavouredDrink October 24, 2007
    3. helloooooooooooo

      Post by thegabmyster October 24, 2007
    4. ummm… not funny

      Post by aldoarriaga October 25, 2007
    5. dude garbage bag gave me a great idea haha ………………MISSY ELLIOT haha

      Post by drakeEfresh October 25, 2007
    6. haha very funny
      Some good ideas

      Post by nakim6 October 26, 2007
    7. World championship poker player.. what you think i’m blufing?

      Post by archronosx October 27, 2007
    8. nice ideas

      Post by molukito October 27, 2007
    9. I have better Ideas, check out my halloween ideas.

      Post by icephoenix23 October 28, 2007
    10. ok, not bad i liked the toilet paper mummy tho, that was good

      Post by tomtompatsy October 29, 2007
    11. LOl at first i thought that was mean, but after i saw him in it it reminded me of her hella old music video

      Post by avioriginal October 31, 2007
    12. loved it!

      haha, idk why, maybe its yuor charisma???

      LOLZ! oh man…god i cant stop laughing!!

      Post by bunnykill100 November 7, 2007
    13. hahaha Steve Jobs…

      Post by simplyshiny November 7, 2007
    14. ROFL.

      Post by SamRoberts6677 December 9, 2007
    15. pretty cool …i like it

      Post by gimmebanana March 9, 2008
    16. Nice Video lolz, my names Hannah, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
      ___ FriendlyFlirts..dot..COM ___ my username there is Hannah-azxmnm chat soon ;)

      Post by HotSimmone69 July 16, 2008
    17. You look like Ben Affleck at the end, when you’re a “poker player.”

      Hilarious video, made me lol.

      Post by LeftyHangsLower October 29, 2008
    18. ‘wher is the bathhouse?” lol funny shit

      Post by croniko001 October 31, 2008
    19. lol what you think im bluffin

      Post by circusaroundtheworld October 31, 2008
    20. REALLY good IDEAS THANX!!! he kinda reminds me of niko bellic from GTA4

      Post by yellowposted October 21, 2009
    21. garbage bag is my favorite

      Post by sergshal October 27, 2009
    22. hahahaha tha toilet papr mummy!!! lol

      Post by Sxybutchgrrl October 28, 2009
    23. Steve Jobs lol I love it!

      Post by tylord97 October 22, 2010
    24. check out my costume i made just type in spencer4211 and go down to my costume

      Post by spencer4211 February 11, 2011
    25. check out my costume i made just type in spencer4211 and go down to my costume

      Post by spencer4211 February 11, 2011

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