21 Responses to “Halloween Costumes for Women 2010”

  1. annieyoulittlewhore

    well i’m fat so do you have any alternatives? :P

  2. ChiaPetsAlways

    Katie, Can u post costumes for 13-18 year olds cuz I’m out of ideas

  3. TheCoLlInGs07

    Halloween is the only time of the year girls can dress like total sluts and get away with it. Its stupid.

  4. Commentary1984

    wait…why do they all sexualize women? why can’t we just go in NORMAL COSTUMES?

  5. webkinzlover5862

    my friend is only 11 (like me) and shes being the cop!I’m being the sexy alice in wonderland (pic on my bg) so it makes no difference….

  6. webkinzlover5862

    omfg lol did usee the one guy in line when they were walking down the street?

  7. fireballberry1

    at 1:28 i like cuz its a lik etheres angel on right side and devill on the other

  8. spencer4211

    check out my costume i made just type in spencer4211 and go down to my costume

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