This one is for you all that sent me lots of messages stating you wanted to see the NBC song from the movie. Oh, dont mind my girl running out of the house…I didnt notice until after I was done filming. 2011 Halloween Light Show — This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 4 singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights. Most all lights have been changed from incandescent to RGB LED so power consumption is a lot less than previous years. Also DMX added to show. All lights, faces and props are custom made (DIY) by me except for the roof line which are CCRs. Controlling channels have gone up 8X from last year. 1144 channels. Riverside, CA

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    23 Responses to “Halloween Light Show 2011 – This Is Halloween”

    1. Jetstarboy

      absolutely brilliant mate, really entertaining and clever.
      Christmas greetings from the UK

    2. MegaCola21

      Cars that are driving by, must be wondering what the fuck is going on in that house!

    3. 11Cassaroo11

      im surprised people havent crashed going by there, sudden bright crazy flashing lights and all

    4. 10KingKyle10

      could you imagine what neighbors and cars that pass by think llol

    5. quiksilvr93

      Complete 2011 MossLight Show Light-o-Rama Go check this one out!!!!

    6. mechasonic4ever

      3:43 I think that the seizure inducing lights happened just to confuse the person driving by! lol

    7. XxCooljack450xX

      Did you have a remote to all the lights hooked up to iTunes ?

    8. xxjr3xx

      3:40 made me laugh so hard i think the driver got scared hahaha. i can never get that part of the video.

    9. susanapsique

      Your light work is awesome!!!! Congrats, really!
      By the way, are you aware that you were on the news in Spain? :)
      Again, great job!

    10. Jamie6675

      i love you house its really really kool i want 2 do dis 2 my house

    11. GeorgetownHolidays

      Here is a Christmas video in response to this Halloween video.
      Search YouTube for OE0t3IuvorM it will take you to our Christmas Video of the house

    12. MMFrostMM

      …my mind is totaly blown by the awesomeness! i love nightmare before christmas and this… i think its the most amazing video i ever seen on youtube. serious!

    13. Alex06CoSonic

      @MonsterEnergy160 The guy looks like he’s driving casually, still. O_o I don’t see any of that.

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