Hi Bellas, Today is my first Halloween tutorial of 2010, yay! My first look was inspired by me browsing the birthday aisle at wal-mart and I noticed that barbie’s makeup was too cute! I picked this look to start out with because you can use your regular makeup items to do this look. I used an 88 palette, 10 pan concealer palette and some NYX to pull off the look. I got a lot of requests for “wearable” looks that you guys can actually recreate and feel super sexy for Halloween. Check out the video highlights! 4:41 Place all over lid color to help blend 5:12 Put light pink shadow on lid 5:32 Place shimmery pigment on top of pink to add shimmer 6:00 Cut the crease with a pencil and shadow 6:52 Fade out crease with pink shadows 8:13 Fill in brows. First I traced the eyeliner with a pencil than used brown gel liner – that way t doesn’t erase the eyebrow cover. Set with shadow. 9:05 Add shimmery white to the brow bone 9:19 Line eyes 9:47 Line waterline with white pencil 10:02 Place purple shadow on lower lashline 10:10 False Lashes 10:43 Bottom Lashes 12:00 Contour 12:40 Apply bright pink blush 13:06 Highlight 13:24 Line Lips 14:11 Highlight lips with pencil 14:20 Apply bright pink gloss 14:53 Accessories and costume tips 16:20 The final look! Sigma Blush and Brushes from www.sigmabeauty.com You can find the 88 palette and 10 pan concealer palette from www.sedonalace.com Use code renren for .00 your order, coupon doesn’t expire Blue contacts from http For a full post with

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    25 Responses to “Halloween Makeup – Barbie”

    1. MakeupByRenRen

      @starfusionn great idea! like do a pony tail and little handkerchief over the mouth…

    2. MakeupByRenRen

      @anOniime hmmmm good idea! i’ll think of how i can recreate it…i’m definitely thinking though white makeup…powdered wig…

    3. lovinmy7

      I love this look , I’m going to be “Gretchen” a beer maid and I think these colors will work great with the costume.

    4. natalie501

      can you do a glizy vampira .
      it’s a glizy girl vampire google it and you’ll see the coustume

    5. ginneybilbray

      @MakeupByRenRen Don’t forget a heart shaped beauty mark!

    6. CrysnMakeup

      OMG I just had Barbie on the brain recently and did a look. Posting as a response! You are rockin the look and accessories. Looks like you had fun.

    7. silverscreamgrl

      The look is totally cute! You look fantastic as a blonde too. You look like Flight Attendant Barbie ;) Thanks for your wonderful tutorials. They are always appreciated

    8. charmingvanity

      I think u totally can reuse the same look for daphne from scooby doo…jus change the clothes to purple..and the wig color

    9. luv2chumps

      lol it dont really look like a barbie you reminded me of the tv show called “I DREAM OF JEANNIE”

    10. prettyglamtv

      o this is adorable!
      i cant believe i wasnt subscribed to the realest makeup guru on utube :D

    11. linsz1978

      You’re really talented but too long winded. Maybe you shld cut down the talking. Sorry! But you make up is really awesome.

    12. starfusionn

      @MakeupByRenRen Yes! That would be the perfect to accentuate the look.

    13. saaliinaa

      I like you but you talked too much at the beginning.. People with slow internet would be frustrated :(

      Other that! Love the look!!!=)

    14. MadMadamJess

      Awww!! The finished product is so girlie n’ sweet! Love it!! Great job, great look!! Love the scarf!

      – Jess

    15. ButterflyGirl9613

      I love your video you’re my favorite beauty gurus!!! ^.^

    16. TheSuperChristy

      I am doing a photoshoot tonight and the girl requested a barbie type look so this is exactly what I was looking for!! THANKS REN REN!!

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