Halloween Tutorial – BARBIE

**PLEASE READ** I had to cut a lot of this video out due to the fact that I can only upload videos 10 minutes or less. But, I believe I left all the important parts in, with a few entertaining ones. For my foundation I used a full coverage foundation to get a flawless looking face like Barbie. I bought the wig especially for this tutorial, I purchased it from beautychoice.com, it looks kind of funny because I have a huge head and lots of hair; I couldn’t get it on right…lol I had a lot of fun doing this tutorial, I hope you enjoy it and maybe even try it out this Halloween. Have a safe and fun Halloween..thanks for watching:)Subscribing is free and you might enjoy it :) Items used are listed on my blog tidibaby.blogspot.com Check out Sigma Brushes & Cosmetics Here www.sigmabeauty.com Follow me on twitter..I’m a n00b and need followers twitter.com Have any requests?? Message me! Disclaimer: All products have been purchased by me and with my own money, unless I mention otherwise.

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  1. Your soo pretty! Do u no how to do high pigtails i kind off need help!

    Post by SarahR0CKS1 October 22, 2010

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