11 Responses to “Halloween With Sandra Lee-Food Network”

  1. CuervoBlack06

    It’s funny that she dresses up in different personalities yet she has none of her own.
    0:59 Oh bullshit. I’m pretty sure you would except a jar full of Everclear from Phil Spector himself without hesitating. Also, way to be professional by boozing up your camera crew, you lush.

  2. heartx3jess

    sandra lee: making alcoholism classy. And by classy i mean depressing.

  3. NeonAngel1997

    @ 2:20 “Who wouldn’t want to be queen (Anne Boelyn) for a day?” Me- her head got chooped off.

  4. 12lfme12

    it’s bad enough this bitch is bat shit crazy, she’s also a raging alcoholic

  5. illusionmagician

    “He’s always in my face with something.” Am I the only one who got dirty thoughts hearing that?!

  6. JadednBitter

    @NeonAngel1997 I wish she really WAS Boleyn; that way she’d get decapitated.

  7. w00tzor25

    Only have cut yourself ONCE!?!? Aunt Sandy, that’s cause everything you “cook” with is usually pre-chopped!! :(

  8. foodparadisetv

    Love your vid! Look at you. That’s really amazing! Let’s stay in touch. Let’s stay in touch! Check me out sometimes too!

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