Halloween With Sandra Lee-Food Network

From Cher to Lady Marian, Sandra Lee shows off her fave Halloween costumes. This video is part of Halloween 2010 with Sandra Lee show hosted by Sandra Lee . SHOW DESCRIPTION :This show is only available online at this time.

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    1. It’s funny that she dresses up in different personalities yet she has none of her own.
      0:59 Oh bullshit. I’m pretty sure you would except a jar full of Everclear from Phil Spector himself without hesitating. Also, way to be professional by boozing up your camera crew, you lush.

      Post by CuervoBlack06 October 15, 2010
    2. sandra lee: making alcoholism classy. And by classy i mean depressing.

      Post by heartx3jess November 14, 2010
    3. @ 2:20 “Who wouldn’t want to be queen (Anne Boelyn) for a day?” Me- her head got chooped off.

      Post by NeonAngel1997 December 22, 2010
    4. it’s bad enough this bitch is bat shit crazy, she’s also a raging alcoholic

      Post by 12lfme12 February 19, 2011
    5. “knock on wood” *knocks on her head*

      Post by idontevenknowme March 6, 2011
    6. “He’s always in my face with something.” Am I the only one who got dirty thoughts hearing that?!

      Post by illusionmagician March 7, 2011
    7. @CuervoBlack06 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

      Post by JadednBitter March 30, 2011
    8. @NeonAngel1997 I wish she really WAS Boleyn; that way she’d get decapitated.

      Post by JadednBitter March 30, 2011
    9. Only have cut yourself ONCE!?!? Aunt Sandy, that’s cause everything you “cook” with is usually pre-chopped!! :(

      Post by w00tzor25 April 25, 2011
    10. I had no idea Sandra Lee LARPS.

      Post by honorableshadow April 25, 2011
    11. Love your vid! Look at you. That’s really amazing! Let’s stay in touch. Let’s stay in touch! Check me out sometimes too!

      Post by foodparadisetv May 2, 2011

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