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Other costume halloween kid online

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    1. how can i get the glitter to stick without using the shadow stick? im going out dressed as wonder woman so using your make-up lesson but adding bright red eyelashes!

      Post by ladyOFpunishment April 11, 2010
    2. @pixiwoo1
      i love it, F the jealous haters <33

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      Post by MsChanelmakeup April 24, 2010
    3. @TheXxbabygirlxx133
      Please do the make up tutorial where you look like Bella Swan in New Moon?

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      Post by pixieshelle16 April 29, 2010
    4. @WickedWhistle20
      a lady gaga telephone makeup tutorial? im sure you already had it in mind!

      i noticed lots of gurls cant spend the $ their makeup lately buz its just to expensive :(
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      Post by pixiesgalore16 April 30, 2010
    5. i think your great and your videos are amazing i totally respect your artistry i too have a channel and would love for you to check out mine as well and SUB me !!!

      Post by christendominique May 15, 2010
    6. that looks class im dressing up as wonderwoman on friday and youve given me ideas thank you!!

      Post by laineylovejoe May 19, 2010
    7. thanks for the warnin bout the pug, i though i wasent gon hear notin but it was righ creepy. love the look my school colors are blue n gold so i can use this alot

      Post by snikkerdoodle17 June 14, 2010
    8. You actually happen to be relatively cute, thank you for the tutorial. it is actually depressing i’m located within Hollister due to the fact i aren’t able to find excellent cosmetics, nonetheless i get hold of freely available cosmetic samples through ‘Gratis Makeup Samples’. i love Olay makeup!

      Post by othalalinde September 15, 2010
    9. i love this combination ! blue and gold , stunning !

      Post by chanjokar7 September 18, 2010
    10. any of you tried Max factors latest line of products?! there very decent , i keep buy more and more :) u can receive free of cost samples through “GratismakeupSamples”. i received the samples on 19/09/2010.

      Post by shamekacostabile September 19, 2010
    11. astounding pointers- thanks 4 sharin, have any of you sampled Olay’s newest product line? its not easy to get makeup in Kermit yet i managed to obtain magnificent samples by going to “Gratis-Makeup-Samples”, theyre awesome.

      Post by abackfascist51 September 29, 2010
    12. I want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween and I’m totally going to use this! ((:

      Post by FRESHbbY91 October 4, 2010
    13. It’s a Best Halloween make Up masterclass. Thank You Beauty.

      Post by HalloweenWomen October 6, 2010
    14. is someone snoring in the background?! hahaha

      Post by elsarhae12 October 10, 2010
    15. @elsarhae12 she said it was her pug lmao

      Post by BigSimsFan October 17, 2010
    16. You are so amazing, and I love your accent and the look. I’ve watched a couple of other vids, and alraedy I’m addicted. :) You have the most beautiful eyes, and the look may not be something to wear in the streets, but you still look amazing.

      Post by believeurbeautiful October 28, 2010
    17. @dayofsnow y do u need to put black there is no point though!!

      Post by me4bieb October 31, 2010
    18. knock me I am from Asian # lushfmlk.info #

      Post by loma7021 December 3, 2010
    19. i love this vidieo it so beautiful

      Post by interXventional December 31, 2010
    20. Your eyes are so pretty :) Really helpful was looking for kinda simple to do Wonder Woman make up :P <3

      Post by xoxNiCoL3xox January 10, 2011
    21. i like!

      Post by babygurlballin January 20, 2011
    22. On this video it said you had 363 subs now you have 446,248 subs (including myself) wow you have come a long way!.

      Post by TheRealestFemale100 January 20, 2011
    23. è fantastico

      Post by DivinaVevo January 23, 2011
    24. That blue looked magical. (so did the gold)

      Post by hollywouldgurrl February 22, 2011
    25. How do you apply your make-up so quickly??? You don’t look scary but I would if I worked in fast-motion like you! Lovely accent and video. Thanks for posting. :)

      Post by uget1shot March 11, 2011

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