Harry Potter costume 2013 Kid love this costume.. Very Hot product.

Harry Potter costume 2013

Big sale on Harry potter Costume now 2013 Kid love this Harry Potter costume, Hot on the market and now is the good time to buy check my review here.

Harry Potter costume 2013 on action …

Child’s Deluxe Harry Potter Robe With Gryffindor Emblem Costume

Harry Potter Quidditch Child Costume

Product features:

  • Availible large, medium and small sizes.
  • Black and purple color.
  • With real Griffindor emblem in front.
  • Robe measures 16.7 x 11.7 x 2.5 inches.
  • Costumes weight is 1 pound.
  • Made for kids at age 4-5.

What about this costume is so special Harry Potter costume 2013 video here.


Product description

This is Harry Potter robe for small kids. It is also for both – boys and girls, no big robe difference. A great Halloween, school play, friends birthday party or any other event costume for a real Harry Potter fan. Color is black and purple, just like originally in the movie. In the front of the robe there is a real Griffindor emblem, which makes the robe more realistic as it’s the real thing, not some random emblem. It’s made of polyester and it’s strong and washable in gentle conditions – hand washing in cool water Washing won’t do any harm – it won’t change it’s size, shape or color. Robe is very durable and it can be worn many times, even in casual day when playing with friends. It will get your kids a lot of joy while playing Harry Potter gaumes with his friends in real Harry Potter robe. To make this robe look more like a Harry Potter costume, you should add some extra wizard accessories, like scarf, glasses, wand or something else that’s magical. This costume is very easy to put on. The robe is one piece costume that can be closed at front. If the closer breaks, it’s easy to fix it. There could be problem with lenght, but it’s easy to adjust it. This costume doesn’t contain any small details so nothing probably will get lost. The fabric is a little heavy, but under the robe you can wear any other casual clothes. This costume is unique Harry Potter robe and it can’t be changed in any other costume playing a different character. A true fan will always recognize the real robe.

Men's Harry Potter Costume

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  • Real Griffindor emblem in front.
  • Realistic colors.
  • Heavy, durable and easy to wear.
  • Easy to improve with additional wizard accessories.


  • Sleeves might be too long.

Deluxe Harry Potter Costume - Harry Potter Costumes

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