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    9 Responses to “Harry Potter Land, Witches and Halloween Dress-Up!!!”

    1. TheSeanReidy

      All I have to say is Frozen Butterbeer. Oh, wait, more to say. I also say Black Widow. OR Vampire Black Widow. Hilarious and adorable video.

    2. insertwhatwhere

      I went. You’ll love it. Do “The Ollivander’s Experience”. Make sexy eye contact with the wandmaker and you’ll get picked to be the person. You’ll see.Hogwarts Ride is the best ride I have ever been on. I loved the butterbeer except I couldn’t finish it, it is REALLY heavy. The Hog’s Head brew is good (they have their own microbrewery type deal). You can’t buy Fire Whiskey. It is just for show. I learned that an awkward way. You should be Lestat. The contacts and teeth give me a Lestat vibe

    3. SmokyBanjo

      I saw her pretend to be an orangutan at ‘The Peoples Improv theatre once.
      HELLO Lorraine!

    4. girlssiderules

      @SmokyBanjo Yay! Hi, SmokyBanjo! You are friends of GnM! I have heard tales of you. :) Thanks for watching!!!

    5. girlssiderules

      @insertwhatwhere omg – I LOVED Harry Potter Land! I need to see some of your Harry Potter songs now! :D I am in the mood for more HP! Movie comes out soooon. Squeeeeeeeeee!

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