8 Responses to “Hellboy 2: Bringing the characters to life”

  1. sternberg1

    That video just shows many of the marvellous ideas and creatures in detail that sums up the Troll Market, we couldn’t even see in the movie!

  2. BeanBanter

    haha! i love Guillermo del toro’s direction

    “Thinking, thinking…. No Screw You!!!”

  3. RufftaMan

    actually it is a combination of both, which i think is the perfect way to go.

  4. marsbull1

    Could you upload the ‘behind the scene’ section about the fighting prince and hellboy? Great videos man.

  5. rokcaholicz753

    lol i love hellboy! i think del toro is an amazing director

  6. Pwnedanime

    Another amazing movie to watch is Pan’s labyrinth Has the same special effects guys doing the costumes and CG is amazing (btw if you not a fan of subs dont watch it as its in Spanish :P).

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