Wanna see two hot, sexy blondes trying on the top adult costumes for this Halloween? Check out this video from HalloweenMart.com, one of the largest ecommerce retailers offering costumes, accessories, props and decor since 1994. Two hot blondes, Krista and Denise, experience all that HalloweenMart’s brick and mortar headquarters, located in Las Vegas, has to offer. See them get super sexy in HalloweenMart’s sexy school girl costumes, nascar costumes, 70s costumes, cop costumes and of course, the ever-popular sexy pirate costumes and much, much more. Don’t miss out on their super creepy trip through the graveyard. Don’t know what you want to be? Jump over to www.halloweenmart.com and figure it out!

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    15 Responses to “Hot Blondes try on Sexy Halloween Costumes”

    1. bianca11ryan

      its funny how one of the blondes always lifts up her foot to show off her shoes

    2. applefary

      i would want to go there, it looks so cool! (it would scare the b’jesus outta me, too.)

    3. jonv950

      i wish i could be that tall blonde lady when she was wearing the prison costume because i love prison costumes

    4. CadicusTheDamned

      Those pirates greatly please the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
      This is actually a Pastafarian propaganda video.

    5. LiLAWAL

      Nice Video lolz, my names Nicole, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
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    6. Cassica616

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    7. thisemptyjar

      this video was so cute! and i love the shoes that go with the outfits! EEK!

    8. Gregleto

      Wow! Check out this sexy halloween costume… monkeysee(.)com/play/11922-how-to-select-a-sexy-halloween-costume

    9. Gregleto

      Sorry, left the wrong url on the previous comment. Wow! Check out this sexy halloween costume… monkeysee(.)com/play/11922-how-to-select-a-sexy-halloween-costume

    10. kzthecat

      i wish I was a blonde but I am stuck with my fugly auborne hair

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