How to Make a Goblin Halloween Costume : Adding Accessories for Goblin Halloween Costumes

Learn about adding accessories to make a goblin Halloween costume with expert tips on Halloween costumes in this free video clip. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: Bio: Matt Cail is a painter, makeup artist, and cartoonist. While in college, he acted in, directed and designed the University of Washington’s haunted house. Filmmaker: randy primm

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    1. Honestly, I thought I was a goblin expert but Matt, you have taken the title! I was going to take a pocket full of pegs and lucky heather but thanks to your quick thinking and informative video, I grabbed a few old gold meddalions i had laying around the house and stuffed them into my treasure purse. What a goblin fopar and how embarrassed I would have been if my other goblin friends had seem me without a purse full of old medallions. Thanks for the advice about safe use of a real hammer. Cock.

      Post by nohomeforjohnny October 18, 2008

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