12 Responses to “How to Make a Skeleton Costume for Halloween : Glow Stick Accessories for Skeleton Costume”

  1. 4sk8ers

    hey i was messing around with a glow stick like that and i put it in the micro wave for 10 seconds and it gets very brighter and lasts longer try it!

  2. maddenguy6

    maddenguy6<——-click on my channel and look at the way i use glow stick and maybe you could try this too.=]

  3. stuntflix

    I love how on expertvillage videos they tell you almost nothing lol

  4. bboy2sik

    ya da microwave thing is tru but only for 10 seconds anything more willl pop it
    i glowstring nd dats wat i do wen i want to practice wit brite golw stiks

  5. kittygobark1

    @4sk8ers it doesn’t last longer, it speeds up the chemical reaction to glow brighter for a shorter amount of time, and then after a little while it gets very dim. i know, i’ve been glowstringing for four years.

  6. kittygobark1

    expert village is about as useful as about nothing. plus that’s a pretty shitty glow in the dark costume.

  7. ddch333

    why can’t expert village just make ONE like 15min video for how to do something instead of like 30 short ones?! its soooo annoying!

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