25 Responses to “Human Sandwich Halloween Costume : BFX”

  1. nikko7mya

    I’m eating a sandwich right now, I feel like I’m gonna get eaten

  2. nusato

    it you just sit in there or someone eat a baby? keep up plz listen to reason you is that a sandwich?! you sand of a beach! raaahhhh!!!! i gonna get you!

  3. supernalyd3

    ROFLMAO “I finished the bread!” “You should have had it finished.” “It’s a big project. Look! I finished the bread! The bread!”
    I miss Erik.

  4. giantsammich

    Greetings Sirs,

    This clever costume you’ve design looks a bit like my good little nephew Timmy BLT.

    Indeed support our sammich rights!

  5. venom3071

    @cow4301 actually i dont want to butcher his name but its jaired that guy who sponsers subway

  6. daveyeah55122

    i heard this intro music to this video from but forgot can anyone tell me were its from

  7. kenziejproductions

    Protesting Sandwich+ Jared from Subway+ Him eating a Sandwich= WAR

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