Indoor Campfire Prop Review

Indoor Campfire Prop Review

The Indoor Campfire Prop is an ideal addition to a Halloween party. The product is available on Amazon for just $109 and can really add some extra spookiness to your Halloween decorations. The model for sale comes with the silk flame effect and the optional leg stands. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy the logs separately which is a shame but still not a reason to dismiss this product at such a low price – we think it’s a bargain.

If you’re setting up your home this Halloween and want to add a bit more in terms of accessories then the indoor campfire prop could be an ideal addition. With LED lights, you can be sure it won’t go out – the lights have a life of over 100,000 hours so it’ll work for years and years without any problems.

The flame itself is 15 inches tall and the base is 4 inches high – making the total height just under 20 inches; so not too big and not too small. It’s 11 inches in diameter if you look at the base. We really like this product and we highly recommend it.

Indoor Campfire Prop –

Product Features:

–          66 LED bulbs – 100,000 hours life

–          Silk flame effect looks realistic

–          2 year warranty

–          15” flame height

–          4”x11” base dimensions

–          Great accessory piece for Halloween

–          Optional legs or hanging chain

We do really like this product and feel it’s an ideal accessory for those wanted to add a bit of warmth to their Halloween displays this year. You can add it to already set up displays or create a display around it.

The Indoor Campfire is available on Amazon for just over $100 which we think is a real bargain. The reviews all seem to suggest it’s extremely realistic as well which is a great thing to see with a product like this.

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